Skills Summit 2019

This event will take place at The Coeur d'Alene Resort at 115 S 2nd St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 on December 5.

A complete list of the breakout sessions is below. Breakfast is at 8; lunch is at 11:45; the social is at 4:45. Fill out the form below to register.

Questions? Call 800-370-3750.

Breakout Session 1 - 8:30 - 10:00 AM

  • Detail Printing: A Guide to Making Your SLA Prints Super Snazzy
    Have a need for high quality 3D printed parts? Considering SLA technology? Take a look at the complete process of SLA printing from design to finished product.  This session will uncover the “do’s and don’ts” of SLA printing, a basic design guide, and the post processing to complete your print.  Understand the detail printability SLA printing enables.  Learn how to print high detailed and high quality prints in order to produce a product for both proof of concept and application.

  • A Model-Based Approach to Manufacturing
    Considering a drawingless solution? See how definition of manufacturing information can change the way you convey your designs for production. In this breakout, we’ll explore the capabilities of Model-Based Definition (MBD) and understand the benefits to a model centric approach in your design to manufacturing processes.

  • Design Intent: Begin With the End in Mind
    Strategies to yield more flexible, accurate, and dynamic models that will withstand the test of time and design changes.

Breakout Session 2 - 10:15 - 11:45 AM

  • Power to the PDM
    We'll go over a number of tips and tools that are available for both PDM Standard and Professional: finding easy ways to update many files at once, better ways to control your documents and other automations that PDM may be able to offer you. Come in with questions about what PDM can do for you and leave with next steps.

  • Using the SOLIDWORKS Suite to Sell Your Product
    Make sure you've got the right tools to present your ideas and concepts to your clients and staff. Explore a range of methods using SOLIDWORKS solutions to showcase your products in the office or on the road. This breakout session will be intriguing for both technical and marketing professionals.  Come learn how to use your software suite to sell your products.

  • Simulating Better Products Every Day
    One of the most powerful tools engineers can use today is Finite Element Analysis on their native CAD models. This session of tips, tricks, and new features for SOLIDWORKS Simulation will add essential tools to your everyday design practices.

Breakout Session 3 - 12:15 - 1:15 PM

  • Optimizing Parts for Additive Manufacturing
    Learn how to get the most out of additive processes by changing the way you think about design. Use these new techniques to improve part performance while reducing print time and cost. This is a process agnostic presentation.

  • QA & QC... Automated
    Quality Inspection documents don't require you to re-invent the wheel. Start taking advantage of your existing engineering designs to perform first article, in-process, or incoming inspections. Automation is key in saving your organization precious time. Learn how to create industry standard inspection reports, while maintaining complete collaboration with your engineering department.

  • Reverse Engineering: From Scan to 3D
    Reverse engineering can be a difficult and tedious task. Creaform and SOLIDWORKS can be used to simplify this process and validate the results for accuracy. We’ll take a live look at scanning a part, developing key features, and using SOLIDWORKS as our design tool to finish it off for manufacturing.

Breakout Session 4 - 1:30 - 3:00 PM

  • Reclaim YOUR time with SOLIDWORKS Schematics *HANDS ON SESSION*
    New to SOLIDWORKS schematics? Come get your hands on the software and learn how you can leverage its powerful tools. Let us show you how to save time and effort when creating schematics. If your electrical/hydraulic/pneumatic schematics are a bottomless pit for your time, this is the session for you.

  • Threading the Needle: Efficient and Effective CFF Fiber Reinforcement
    When printing with the Markforged CFF process, using too much fiber reinforcement can be costly and drive up print times. Learn how to efficiently and effectively reinforce your parts with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement on Markforged 3D Printers and get the strength you need at a reasonable cost.

  • Handily Herding Hardware
    In need of a new workstation? Looking for advice on license management? We've got you covered! Find out how to get the most bang for your buck when shopping for your next workstation. We'll also explore tools that are available to manage your licenses effectively, providing your users with the right type of license when they need it. You'll leave understanding exactly what you have access to with the licenses you own.

Breakout Session 5 - 3:15 - 4:45 PM

  • Championing Industry 4.0 in Your Organization
    Learn how to champion Industry 4.0 in your organization and lead the charge towards digital manufacturing. We will cover industry level additive manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering certifications, education programs, and relevant technology, for professionals and students alike.

  • Beyond Data Management
    SOLIDWORKS Manage helps improve your overall product development process without the time and cost associated with implementing a PLM system. Utilizing SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, it offers an easy upgrade path to a Distributed Data Management System for all to use or view. You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of how SOLIDWORKS Manage can be used to meet your Project or Process Management, Bill of Material, and Reporting needs.

  • Parameterizing Your CNC with SOLIDWORKS CAM
    Come learn about how you can get started with your included SOLIDWORKS CAM software. We will look at best use cases for SOLIDWORKS CAM, give a simple run down of the workflow and features of the software as well as take a simple look at the post processors and Universal Post Generator (UPG). Leverage the power of parametric design and manufacturing.

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