3D Printing Subscription Plans & Training

Are you getting the most out of your 3D printers? We now offer training and enhanced subscription service options for all your 3D printers.

Principles of 3D Printing Training

This 1-day class will cover the fundamentals of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. This course is designed to equip you with the necessary information and know-how so you can maximize your return on investment. Topics include, Concept to Print, Design Considerations, Machine Setup, Print Slicing, Material Selection, Printing, and Basic Troubleshooting.

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If you buy a new 3D printer or a 3D printing subscription plan, we'll give you $200 off per person for the class. Fill out the form below for more details.

Subscription Service for 3D Printers

Our customers, like Altek, have discovered that 3D printers can save your engineers thousands of hours of work. So be sure you're keeping it up and running effectively. We have a wide variety of pricing and support options. Some options include:

  • Phone Support - Guaranteed response time of 4 hours to support questions
  • YouTube Maintenance Videos - Designed to help you keep your printer up and running
  • Spare Parts - Next day shipping on an approved list of replacement parts for your printer
  • Onsite visits - When phone, email and web fail, we'll come see you to help.

Please see the chart for a reference on what's included for which printer support levels. Request a quote.

Please note that effective April 30, 2020, all printers must have a separate support plan purchased to obtain service from Quest engineers, unless otherwise stated. If you have a DP200 you would like supported, we'll cover it under the 3DWOX 1 plan.We can add a subscription plan to any printer not covered that you have owned for less than 24 months. Call us at 800-370-3750 for options for printers older than that.

To see the full details of plan coverage by printer line and review pricing, please reference the following documents:


Thank you for your interest in our 3D Printing Solutions.

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