A Message from Quest's President:

My first advice to people in any crisis, is to not panic. After that, I like to assess the situation, so that's what I've been doing regarding COVID-19. Here's what I've assessed for the priorities in my life:


Everyone’s safe, seem to have a good head on their shoulders and are closer than ever.  We are good.   


Keep the business functioning.  Surviving both 2001 and then the 2008 financial challenges taught us we are only effective at handling situations when we are a functioning team.  We need to survive so we can help our community, our employees, customers, and country.  


There is so much going on that needs attention here. To that end, we have released these support services as part of our STEM the Tide Initiative:

STEM the Tide Production Kit

For those who want to join the fight, we have a STEM Production kit consisting of our:

This is a $1,819 value, but we are offering the opportunity for students interested to request funding support. Fill out the funding request form to find out if you qualify for Quest to provide up to $750 towards your printer. That's a total of $1,069 for your printer.

Please send your videos, photos and stories to chantel@qintegration.com so we can share on our Quest for Success Educational Initiative Facebook page.


Have you checked out our daily QuestByte? It's a Facebook Live event put on each weekday by members of our team to help you with STEM education in the home. Follow our Quest for Success Facebook page to stay updated when we go live each weekday at 9:30 AM PST. Part of our goal of this program is to help highlight local industry professionals and teachers to showcase the manufacturing prowess of our region.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below.

Donation Sites

If you are looking for a place to send the PPE equipment you are creating, we recommend checking this out the GetUsPPE site for the most up to date list of needs. Here are a few sites around our area with drop off centers:

Learn to 3D Print

New to 3D Printing? Here are some resources:

As always, our engineers are standing by to help. Please give us a call at 800-370-3750 or send an email to support@qintegration.com with your questions.

Remote Employee Resources

Working from home now? Have employees at home? We have solutions to help ease the transition from everyone in the office to everyone at home:

STEM at Home

We also have a slew of tools to help you as you navigate the world of home school and remote learning. Check out this page for details on our home based STEM efforts.


Would you like someone to contact you regarding the STEM the Tide Initiative?